I am an

in your connection,

Just a collection
of the millions of thoughts that make up day to day life.

The doubts that you're not good enough
and the ability to show the world that you are.

I exist mainly in
dabbled here and there as an
for something larger, something more grandiose

I get lonely and I get angry but
what's more important is I get happy.

I exist mainly in
sprinkled about like a cure for
heartache, nausea, upset stomach, the psycho insane things we tell ourselves sometimes just to put ourselves in that place.

I exist mainly in the
essence of
existence which is only that of
love --

That which we are drawn to like moths to the flame,
the only difference lying in the fact that
no one ever died from too much love.

Why can't we exist mainly in a
world where people treat other people like people?
Where we can love and appreciate a person based on their creative abilities,
their Truth, their story?

Why do people still kill people?