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Why must time prevail as the ultimate unraveller of fate? it seems no one can bring her quicker only work towards her as a man works to build a bridge. How becoming that she should taunt us lovingly with the desire needed to snatch her up eventually. All I'm trying to do is just live out my destiny.

In everything I go through, there is the constant reassurance that my mind knows what do to, where to go. In a world of self doubt it is the thing that I know, that drives me on, insisting that someone listen to the heartbeat of humanity.
Are you watching the Super Bowl this year? If not, how will you enjoy the day? If you are watching, how will you be celebrating the game?

The biggest lie we can tell ourselves as humans is that we're different physically from other animals. Yes, our physical being is different, but our instincts are there. The instinct, for instance, to grab at one's prey to keep other members of the opposing side from getting it. Substitute prey with a football and you've got the NFL.

Future generations will laugh at this one,
pompously show it's true primitive qualities.
The only real thing that separates us from God's beasts is our mind, which most Americans don't even take the time to use because they'd rather be eating spicy chicken carcass while cheering on their favorite group of oversized thugs run an tackle another group of behemoths from another state. Wait so, why do you think we've advanced?

The Superbowl is today, in case you hadn't caught the bitterness in my tone.
I'm bitter because sports in general (and definitely football more specifically) utilize(s) no higher thinking whatsoever.
Even to play sports, all you are operating on is primitive instincts - fighting over something (i.e., a chicken carcass,
way back in the day,
like BCE status)
with the voracity of your life.
you hungry cave man
need eat
Kill whatever

The truth is staggering, folks.
And the simple fact is that we've been living in the stone ages for far too long.
And don't even get me started on watching the damn thing because
we figured out that watching tv utilizes next to no brain function whatsoever, so
let's not even talk about when you add things like
Did you know that Superbowl weekend is Number 1 for domestic violence cases all across the nation?
You wonder why, well here's the truth again

presented in understandable form.
A man who incorporates that much neolithic experience into his daily life is bound to be a more violent person. Stone age man was focused on eating and defending, never higher consciousness or the fact that when you hit someone across the face it hurts.

Now is the time when we decide if we're going to be living in the stone age or if we want to move forward.
I am an

in your connection,

Just a collection
of the millions of thoughts that make up day to day life.

The doubts that you're not good enough
and the ability to show the world that you are.

I exist mainly in
dabbled here and there as an
for something larger, something more grandiose

I get lonely and I get angry but
what's more important is I get happy.

I exist mainly in
sprinkled about like a cure for
heartache, nausea, upset stomach, the psycho insane things we tell ourselves sometimes just to put ourselves in that place.

I exist mainly in the
essence of
existence which is only that of
love --

That which we are drawn to like moths to the flame,
the only difference lying in the fact that
no one ever died from too much love.

Why can't we exist mainly in a
world where people treat other people like people?
Where we can love and appreciate a person based on their creative abilities,
their Truth, their story?

Why do people still kill people?
correction: All you need is love



Which stems from love.
Which stems from God
who created the Earth which grows the ganj that

everybody loves.
So I'm gay,
but there's this dame
who every day calls my name
she drives me insane in the best way!
Her name is Mary Jane!
and I know she's a dame
because she's the female
of the species

Now she can show you the world,
She understands things that no other girl
ever would
She'll always be there to make you smile
She may cause you to cry,
But only out of her intense beauty,
never in true sadness,
the sadness that only comes from
true emptiness that is unquantifiably evil.

She can't be that
because she is unquantifiably the


of evil --
She's unquantifiably life-changing.
She's unquantifiably beautiful.
She's unquantifiably good.

And that word,
for those of you who aren't so sure,
quantif(y turned to i)
"Unable to be quantified," the limitless definition
of the life force decision
that was made so long before we even existed,
just waiting to fill our souls and make us better,
more whole.

Can Truth be
What about Love?
What about
Thus I accept the light that our
Mother Mary Jane
has borne us like the
child that a woman bears.
Like a woman dying in childbirth,
she gives up her life so that you
may have a chance at yours -
You, her gift into the world.

So if our Mother is giving us a gift
Let us take it
And be thankful
And thank Her every day for it
And create beauty from Her beauty,
And Truth from Her Truth,
excellence from Her excellence.
Let us revel in it -
and give it all back to Her.
Dear You,

I will not put up with your

I will not.

I refuse to be
treated like a toy,
tethered to the idea of wanting to be your friend.

I refuse to be
abused like an animal,
alone and hurting at the end of the day
because you didn't realize that it's
unfair to expect that much from one person,
simultaneously not wanting anything from them at all.

Your indecision will not hinder me.
Your ignorance will not hinder me.
I will not let you hinder my path from being traveled.

Because my path is long,
so long you can't see the end of it,
and it twists around many, many different places -
some beautiful, some distraught,
but all needing a friend
someone to talk to
someone to laugh with
someone to cry to

You are but


destination on my
long, long road to salvation -
do never think that you are the whole of it,
or the whole of anything.
You are nothing but the whole of yourself,
drunk and dragging yourself through life,
making good appearances,
keeping good friends,
providing words of destruction and decay,

because that's who you are.

You were a tree so marvelous that I lost myself in it,
I could play in that tree for
days and days
and never grow tired.

But now your leaves have all fallen,
and your oak is starting to rot,
slowly and softly petrifying
while you're still so young.

I fear my visits to you in the future
will contain nothing but the
death and decay
which you carry around with you.

Perhaps I was naive,
young and hopeful,
rosy cheeks and rose-colored glasses,
wanting for the world to be good so bad that he
actually made himself believe it was so.
Even when you stood, staring at him,
mouth drooling with blood,
explaining the fallacies of Life,
trying to darken the day.

How is it that such a person
can bring such joy and destruction
into this world?
How is it that such a person
can lure people in
only to have them realize the worst things about
and the world?

Regardless of your choice,
I will still stand and fight.
I will fight because it's the
only thing I know how to do,
and I will be unsheathing my emotional sword,
battling demons that I forgot about long ago,
battling demons for others who are too scared to fight,
this is my duty,
and this I will do for my duration of this path
of which
you are but



must be the most important job in your life.
Eating and basic necessities, yes. But with inspiration finding basic human necessities becomes so much easier.

If you are inspired, genuinely inspired, you can do anything.
Like the Matrix. An alternate reality that YOU create -- the true Heaven.

We have to join together.
Think about it - if we're all one, we just need to join our energies together to BE one.
So all we need to do is hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

The hippies in the 60's and 70's had the right energy, but not the right approach. They alienated themselves from the culture of people that needed their love the most by only focusing on a select group. But that's how everything starts. In a group.

Those long-haired revolutionaries paved the roads that we can use for revolution. We're a generation that was bred to be smarter, so what if we used our intelligence for the good of humankind instead of anything else? If every person on earth treated everyone else like a sibling, war would not go on. Hate would not go on. Violence would stop, because the bond between blood is sacred. We all bleed blood, but somehow we focus on the skin, or the eye color, or how much money someone has to define them.
This is not how you have to live.
If you just accept yourself as part of a larger being, a larger energy that actually IS calling you (more on that later, but I promise - this energy wants YOU. No matter who you are or where you come from, no questions asked. It's called unconditional love on a microcosmic scale but just a radiation of pure love energy in a macrocosmic situation.)

I don't want to add too much all at once, but there is a lot of inspiration in me, so it just keeps pouring out. I have to cap off the top so it won't spill and flood because too much of water (or anything, for that matter) is disastrous.

Namaste, peace, and good will.
I am ready to get this ship up and running again.
This is the perfect outlet for everything I need to say to everyone, and to myself.


It's called revolution, friends.
Join us.

haha! new hair!!!!!!!!
short and bluuuuuueee.
In addition, I still need that vulgarity. Love's Many Faces just proved that the most to me.