Dear You,

I will not put up with your

I will not.

I refuse to be
treated like a toy,
tethered to the idea of wanting to be your friend.

I refuse to be
abused like an animal,
alone and hurting at the end of the day
because you didn't realize that it's
unfair to expect that much from one person,
simultaneously not wanting anything from them at all.

Your indecision will not hinder me.
Your ignorance will not hinder me.
I will not let you hinder my path from being traveled.

Because my path is long,
so long you can't see the end of it,
and it twists around many, many different places -
some beautiful, some distraught,
but all needing a friend
someone to talk to
someone to laugh with
someone to cry to

You are but


destination on my
long, long road to salvation -
do never think that you are the whole of it,
or the whole of anything.
You are nothing but the whole of yourself,
drunk and dragging yourself through life,
making good appearances,
keeping good friends,
providing words of destruction and decay,

because that's who you are.

You were a tree so marvelous that I lost myself in it,
I could play in that tree for
days and days
and never grow tired.

But now your leaves have all fallen,
and your oak is starting to rot,
slowly and softly petrifying
while you're still so young.

I fear my visits to you in the future
will contain nothing but the
death and decay
which you carry around with you.

Perhaps I was naive,
young and hopeful,
rosy cheeks and rose-colored glasses,
wanting for the world to be good so bad that he
actually made himself believe it was so.
Even when you stood, staring at him,
mouth drooling with blood,
explaining the fallacies of Life,
trying to darken the day.

How is it that such a person
can bring such joy and destruction
into this world?
How is it that such a person
can lure people in
only to have them realize the worst things about
and the world?

Regardless of your choice,
I will still stand and fight.
I will fight because it's the
only thing I know how to do,
and I will be unsheathing my emotional sword,
battling demons that I forgot about long ago,
battling demons for others who are too scared to fight,
this is my duty,
and this I will do for my duration of this path
of which
you are but