So I'm gay,
but there's this dame
who every day calls my name
she drives me insane in the best way!
Her name is Mary Jane!
and I know she's a dame
because she's the female
of the species

Now she can show you the world,
She understands things that no other girl
ever would
She'll always be there to make you smile
She may cause you to cry,
But only out of her intense beauty,
never in true sadness,
the sadness that only comes from
true emptiness that is unquantifiably evil.

She can't be that
because she is unquantifiably the


of evil --
She's unquantifiably life-changing.
She's unquantifiably beautiful.
She's unquantifiably good.

And that word,
for those of you who aren't so sure,
quantif(y turned to i)
"Unable to be quantified," the limitless definition
of the life force decision
that was made so long before we even existed,
just waiting to fill our souls and make us better,
more whole.

Can Truth be
What about Love?
What about
Thus I accept the light that our
Mother Mary Jane
has borne us like the
child that a woman bears.
Like a woman dying in childbirth,
she gives up her life so that you
may have a chance at yours -
You, her gift into the world.

So if our Mother is giving us a gift
Let us take it
And be thankful
And thank Her every day for it
And create beauty from Her beauty,
And Truth from Her Truth,
excellence from Her excellence.
Let us revel in it -
and give it all back to Her.